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Zipi is an AI and vision based compression toolkit

Digital Content of Your Organization Never Stops Growing!

Zipi is an AI based compression toolkit developed from ground up to support document management in organizations. It can help you cut down storage as well as bandwidth cost of your documentations significantly.

In an average financial organization, around 80% of storage is comprised by images, 15% by documents such as pdf, xps, doc, xls, etc., and 5% by other documents. Zipi Can archive image files with up to 90% compression ratio, documents with more than 80% compression ratio, and other files with up to 30% compression ratio..

On an average financial organization

File type distribution

  • Image (Jpeg, png. etc.)
  • Documents (Pdf,Xps,etc .)
  • Other (Zip, Dat, etc.)

Infrastructure requirement over 30 years period, (Assuming 10% growth and government regulation to store 5 years of data)

  • Storage requirement



Image Compression

Image compression using AI technology up to 90% at source without losing visual quality with we change the native formats of Zipi.


PDF Compression

Compress PDF formats using AI technology up to 90%, which is ease to store & upload online to transfer even at low networks 2G..


Document Compression

Compress MS Office files like Word, Excel & PowerPoint using Zipi endpoint compression technology up to 90% with no loss in visual quality..


Any DOC Compression

Compress Any DOC formats using AI technology up to 90%, which is ease to store & upload online to transfer even at low networks 2G.

Our Key Features

62% of today's Internet traffic is made up of images. Optimize them with Zipi and save both money and time

1. Eco Drive

Reduction in Power, cooling & floor space, helping save up to 96%..

3. Efficient

Reduction in data mgmt., administration, tasks especially backup of files.

5. High Quality

High quality digital documents help avoid customer frauds & mis-selling..

7. Self Served

Create self-service by capturing data at the transaction point through use of scanner & smart phones.

2. Quality Compression

Compress capture documents by 1/20th of original size without losing quality.

4. Effective

Eliminates courier/data entry delay & its associated cost by 96%.

6. Thrift

Significant cost savings on network bandwidth & storage up to 96%..

8. Cost Effective

Delayed storage capacity purchase, annually save up to 96%. . /

What Zipi can achieve

Zipi is an AI and vision based compressing toolkit for enterprises and consumers which can achieve 50~90% compression rate on documents as well as media files.

  • 90% compression on images on average.
  • 50% compression on documents on average.
  • 20% compression on any other documents on average.

Outstanding compression ratio

  • Storage
  • with Zipi

Huge infrastructure and capital save in the long run



Reduce the Weight and Not the Quality

You need to be confident that the quality of the results you are getting have not been compromised for the sake of getting the smallest possible file size. While it is possible to reduce any image to a tiny fraction of its original size, that approach often leads to a serious amount of visual degradation. Zip optimization pipeline offers tremendous savings, with results that stand up to close inspection, each and every time.


Let us do the Hard Work

All optimization is carried out by our powerful Product, freeing you from having to utilize your own. Our cutting-edge infrastructure has been designed from the ground up with a single purpose in mind - to optimize your images blazingly fast. Focus on your business in the best way you know how, we'll worry about making your images faster and better - every single one of them has potential savings.


Speed up Your Apps and Websites

. Client Side Compression

. AI based noise removal

  • 1. Admin console
  • 2. License free decompressor
  • 3. Plug and play SDK
  • 5. AI super sampling